Plenary talk

Marianna Bosch -

The anthropological theory of the didactic as a framework for research

in university mathematics education

Abstract. Our group of research in didactics of mathematics has been working for more than 10 years on the design, implementation and analysis of “study and research paths” (SRP) in university and in teacher education. SRPs are a teaching format developed within the anthropological theory of the didactic to foster the evolution of the current pedagogical paradigm of “visiting works” to the new paradigm of “questioning the world”. They are based on the long-term inquiry of an open question and combine the production of new answers with the study of already available works. SRPs can also be used as analytical tools to study current educational processes from an emancipatory perspective. The conditions needed for their implementation raise interesting questions related to the lack of epistemological and pedagogical tools in today’s teaching systems to sustain inquiry processes as normalised teaching and learning activities.